“Portadown-born singer and composer Katharine Philippa is already making sounds to swoon to, with the debut“Fallen” EP from the Queen’s University student full of sparse, graceful, elegantly pitched wonder. There’s a beautiful mimimal soulfulness to her “For the One I Love” track which augers well for what’s to come.”

– Jim Carroll, THE IRISH TIMES –





“Operating within a genre she’s dubbed ‘Reflectivism’, Portadown multi-instrumentalist Katharine Philippa makes sensitive piano numbers, intense, looped ballads and soulful electronica, all three of which appear to have influenced the stunning single ‘For The One I Love’. Bright, dynamic and boasting one of the most interesting new Irish voices we’ve heard in aeons, this one’s a must for lovers of Fiona Apple or James Blake.”

– Celina Murphy. HOTPRESS MAGAZINE. –




“Helped on by her distinctive, delicately soulful twang, the likes of ‘Wake Up O Sleeper’ and ‘Think of You’ stand as acoustic musings treading a genuinely charming balance between melancholy and optimism….Philippa is almost certain to go far.”
“It’s a brilliant song… Wilco circa Yankee Foxtrot Hotel, the delicate sparseness of James Blake and Estonian composer Arvo Part’s more hymnal pieces. In all, wonderful…”
– Brian Coney. AU MAGAZINE journalist. –

“Katharine Philippa comes from Portadown, I believe, but her art derives from some other intense sphere. She specialises in rapture, quietly expressed, with keyboard and strings and songs that take a while to catch fire. I’m not sure there’s a music analogue to this. She seems more in tune with metaphysical poets like George Herbert or maybe Emily Dickinson. I guess you might find a parallel drift with Joanna Newsome or Regina Spector. Out of time, not conventional, entrancing…”
– Stuart Bailie, Music JOURNALIST/ BBC RADIO ULSTER presenter –

“The production is majestic and totally spellbinding. And then she starts to sing…wowzers. Comparisions to Florence {and the Machine} are lazy and predictable – ‘Whiter than I’ is better than anything on Florence’s new album, mind.”
– Rigsy. BBC RADIO ULSTER. Across the Line. –

Katharine Philippa, curled over the piano, opens with ‘Fallen’. “I’m not in a talkative mood today” she later tells us “but I drew a picture to express how I feel” With any other artist this might have seemed forced but here it adds to the charm…Philippa has a unique soaring quality to her voice which occasionally catches in the middle of her range somewhere between tentativeness and longing, the effect is enrapturing. “
– Tom Balfour. BBC Across the Line. Gig Review: The Botanic Gardens, Palm House, Belfast –

“Katharine’s barreling lungs have an astounding power, while tasteful, soulful grace notes slip in to clip the square edges of her otherwise traditional vocal approach. Indeed, there are surprising twists of Bjork and Jeff Buckley in the parameters of her style, which she uses expertly and at times thrillingly.
– Damien Whinnery. THE BIG LIST. –

“Katharine Philippa is the reason why spending hours trawling around websites, talking to people, sniffing around bins for that ‘hot new sound’ is worthwhile. Her debut EP swirls in the constant of a beautiful but cracked vocal reflecting in love and spirituality. ‘Whiter than I’ builds and swells like Florence + the Machine, where ‘Fallen’ is contemplative and confessional just as what you would expect from Regina Spector.”
– Phily Taggart, BBC Across the Line & Radio 1 ‘Introducing in Northern Ireland’ Presenter –





“….After the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, peace came quickly back to the country, as did nightlife. Over the past few years especially, many venues put on musical showcases, featuring everything from singer/songwriters like David C. Clements and Katharine Philippa to the electronic music of Japanese Popstars and Space Dimension Controller….” CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE

– Ginanne Brownell, New York Times {Article: Northern Ireland’s Musical Riches Emerge From The Shadows’. 17.10.2012} –