lies love to destroy


i walked. i felt like there was a transparent sheet between my body and the world. it couldn’t hurt me.

i kept walking. i stopped when i made it to a church and hopped over its wall and sat, protected on the other side.  trees stood, watching over me.

the leaves were lying: “surround me”.

i lift them up. they smell and feel like earthy notelets. i compress them and they submit to my grip and quietly let out a spectrum of crackles. there was music in my head; like a lullaby. i looked towards the hill and saw lights suspended in the black sheet. no pattern – except its artificial pattern.

i realized it was not so much a transparent sheet around me, but rather, something which represented a mirror.

aren’t we all the same? Boil our minds down and we are left with a need for Love.

we get distracted. we get confused. we get hurt.

Love does remain.

i know that, because i am limping;

i lost Love; It was stolen.

But i can see It now, outside the pane, and when it gets warmer i can open the window a little more