I saw music as a means of communication from an early age: I sang in the pram to unsuspecting persons when out for a walk; I crawled to the piano upon hearing my mother play.

Years later, graduating from Music at Queen’s University, Belfast and completing an organ scholarship developed my eclectic influences. Sound, visuals, words, environment, people, emotions — and their combinations in constant flux — are inspirations. The sensitive and contemplative character of my music creates an aesthetic I call ‘Reflectivism’.

I am one, journeying with over seven billion, and writing to make sense of it all. I want to share this with you.


lies love to destroy


i walked. i felt like there was a transparent sheet between my body and the world. it couldn’t hurt me.

i kept walking. i stopped when i made it to a church and hopped over its wall and sat, protected on the other side.  trees stood, watching over me.

the leaves were lying: “surround me”.

i lift them up. they smell and feel like earthy notelets. i compress them and they submit to my grip and quietly let out a spectrum of crackles. there was music in my head; like a lullaby. i looked towards the hill and saw lights suspended in the black sheet. no pattern – except its artificial pattern.

i realized it was not so much a transparent sheet around me, but rather, something which represented a mirror.

aren’t we all the same? Boil our minds down and we are left with a need for Love.

we get distracted. we get confused. we get hurt.

Love does remain.

i know that, because i am limping;

i lost Love; It was stolen.

But i can see It now, outside the pane, and when it gets warmer i can open the window a little more